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Now at the exclusive Cotswold Downs Estate, Hillcrest

SkyeScapes has been operating in the greater eThekwini and surrounding areas since 2006, offering a wide range of general landscaping services and solutions to the Domestic, Commercial and Corporate Market.

  • Landscape Design & Design Installation
  • Earthworks & Land Clearing
  • Sub Surface Drainage & Erosion Prevention
  • Alien Invasive Control & Eradication
  • Bee Removal
  • Ground Rehabilitation
  • Fencing, Paving, Cobbling & Pathways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Lawn & Sports Field Installations
  • Water Features & Streams
  • Shadehouses, Hothouses & Tunnels
  • Garden Make-Overs

·         Wormeries (Earthworm Farms)

·         Irrigation (see SkyeRain)

·         Water Harvesting and Storage (see SkyeRain)

Components which we outsource to our associate specialists include Electronic Gates & Fencing, Driveways, Water Walls, Lighting, Pools, Timber Decks and Gazebos. All of these services and installations can be Project Managed by us so you only have to deal with 1 party.

Call – Gregg 083 307 1478


Completed Projects (oldest to most recent):

House Gavin – Brettenwood Coastal Estate, Umhlali (R85,000)

House Van Der Walt – 3 Falls Nature Estate, Waterfall (R50,000)

House Scott – 3 Falls Nature Estate, Waterfall (R60,000)

House Lombard – 3 Falls Nature Estate, Waterfall (R70,000)

House Cordier, 3 Falls Nature Estate, Waterfall (R65,000)

House Barrie – 3 Falls Nature Estate, Waterfall (R25,000)

House Visser – 3 Falls Nature Estate, Waterfall (R40,000)

House Wright – Greenvale Village, Hillcrest (R20,000)

House Patel – Queensview Place, Riverside Park, Durban (R62,000)

House Coetzee – Cotswold Down Estate, Hillcrest (R49,000)

House Fry – Park Drive, Forest Hills (R18,000)

House Murray – Everton (R145,000)

Mion Holdings (Pty) Ltd – Botha’s Hill, Hillcrest (R1,080,000)

Island Hotel – Isipingo, Durban South (R55,000)

House Crooks – Monteseel, Inchanga (R135,000)

House – Raleigh – Heron Rd, Morningside, Durban (R24,000)

Maccaferri Africa Pty Ltd – Tongaat, KZN (R10,000)

Highbury Preparatory School – Hillcrest (various R135,000)

Gold Circle (Pty) Ltd – Greyville Racecourse & Clairwood Racecourse (R150,000)

House Romeril – 32 Plantations, Hillcrest (R15,000)

Projects Currently In Progress:

House Kissoonlal – Addison Drive, La Lucia (estimated R85,000)

House Hinds – 33 Plantations Country Estate, Hillcrest (R30,000)

House Dexter – Cotswold Downs, Hillcrest (estimated R125,000)

House Bishop – Kensington Drive, Durban North (estimated R85,000)








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