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SkyeScapes has been operating since 2006, offering a wide range of general landscaping services and solutions, which we are now offering at the exclusive Cotswold Downs Estate in Hillcrest.

We approach our projects on the basis that our Client is making an Investment in their property and therefore our delivery must provide maximum asset value add, whilst the design should enhance the architectural features of the home.

  • Landscape Design & Design Installation
  • Earthworks & Land Clearing
  • Sub Surface Drainage & Erosion Prevention
  • Fencing, Cobbling, Paving & Pathways
  • Retaining Block & Natural Rock Walls & Cladding
  • Instant Lawn Installations
  • Water Features Walls, Curtains, Contemporary, Natural
  • Pergolas & Lattice Screens

         Irrigation Systems, Water Harvesting and Storage

         Garden Establishment Maintenance Contract (3 to 6 months)

Components which we outsource to our associate specialists include Electronic Gates & Fencing, Lighting, Pools, Timber Decks and Gazebos.

Based in the Cotswold Downs Estate district we are acutely aware of the climate, topography, soils and plants that are suited to the area.

The Estate has published a list of acceptable indigenous plant species allowed, which must be used as the predominant basis for plant choice of every landscape. Some allowance for non-listed plants is provided.

We offer potential clients the option of appointing us to Project Manage their entire outdoor space (excluding building construction elements) thereby alleviating the need for the Client to manage multiple contractor relationships. This comprehensive service includes obtaining of competitive quotes, quote analysis, budget formulation, budget management, sub-contractor performance, contractor payments, weekly site meetings, progress reports and quality assurance.

Contact - Gregg on 083 307 1478


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