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SkyeRain has been operating in the greater eThekwini and surrounding areas since 2010, offering a range of rainwater harvesting, rainwater storage and general irrigation the Agricultural, Domestic and Commercial Market.

  • Surface & Underground Tanks & Reservoirs
  • Water Reticulation (garden taps, toilets, laundry)
  • Pressure Pumps
  • Garden & Parks Irrigation manual & automated
  • Agricultural & Horticultural Irrigation
  • Sub Surface Drainage

The harvesting of rainwater is one of the most under-utilised natural resources available to man. Water is a vital input to human life and as populations grow exponentially the ability of authorities to sustain the delivery of water to households and business is under severe threat. Harvesting and Storage of rainwater provides a critical emergency back-up and supplementary source to water dependent businesses as well as in the domestic environment where toilets, showering and washing activities can be maintained during periods of non-supply.

Optimal use of rainwater significantly contributes toward the minimization of municipal billing and reduces dependency on costly supply.


Call Gregg on 083 307 1478



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